Khalsas of Gurudwara Sant Bhawan, Panipat


Submitted by Puneet Kaur

I would like to share with you my experience of being in the company of Gursikhs or Guru ji’s Khalsas. There is a sacred Asthan, a Gurudwara in Panipat district of India, where Wade Sant ji did ‘Tapp’ for 40 years . . . every Khalsa there is living, as you said, in Guru ji’s Hukam. And it’s beautiful to see them blessed with such chardikala life.

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A rare painting of Guru Nanak

Some years ago, I bumped across this painting of Guru Nanak Dev Ji in the company of Bhai Bala and Bhai Mardana, published on the cover of a commemorative magazine in Nairobi. I had never seen the painting before and it's colours seem to draw you in back into the time of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. I was only too tempted to make a high-res scan of the painting and save it for archiving. Such a beautiful expression.


An African’s depiction of Baba Nanak?

Sometime last year, I was visiting the local museum in Nairobi where I came across some paintings by a Kenyan African artist. I was particularly drawn to one which looked different from the all the rest around it. This painting had the subject in a white turban and marked with a pearl white beard. The meditative mood and candle just gave me the impression that it could have inspired the artist to depict Guru Nanak. Though it had no caption, I thought it would be nice to click some pictures of it for study. It was a good piece of work. Take a look.



The mortal has forgotten death



khaanaa peenaa hasnaa sa-unaa visar ga-I-aa hai marnaa.
Eating, drinking, laughing and sleeping, the mortal forgets about dying.
– Guru Nanak Dev Ji, SGGS 1254

Engrossed in the pleasures of life, man has completely forgotten that he is to die one day. Like the reflection in the water, so is our existence – it is temporary, it doesn’t last. We see in the reflection what we really are. The pleasures of this world are nothing but an illusion, Maya, which is a blindfold that keep the mortal separated from Waheguru. The only way to tear away the blindfold is through the Word of the Guru – Shabad.

Gurbani reveals to us what we are, what we are here in this worldly existence for and where we are headed. Many people, through their past lowly deeds, have no understanding what awaits them once their life is over. So they believe that this life is to be enjoyed as youth doesn’t last forever. They console themselves in thinking that the time to remember God is in old age. Many even think that belief in God is for the sick and old. So they think. By the time old age hits, the mortal’s body begins to give up – the teeth fall off, the ears and eyes lose their power and the bones begin to rattle. There is no way the body will co-operate with the soul at that time. That person, who has meditated on Waheguru from a young age, has accumulated the strength in the soul to keep the body going to the last breath. What can the starved soul do for the body when the body begins to whither? It’s too late by that time. Having wasted his life in eating, drinking, laughing, sleeping, the mortal’s body will one day finally crumble back to dust and the soul that was contained in it, sucked out by the Messengers of Death and dragged into the Court of Akaal where it’s fate is decided. Read the rest of this entry »

Everything comes from Naam


It is natural when we approach Guru Granth Sahib Ji, take a bow and desire to place an Ardas before The True Guru for something or the other. And the Benovelent One bestows all that anyone asks for. From personal experiences, I can assure you that the Guru does answer our prayers and gives us that what we ask for. What one requires is to have faith that the prayer will be answered. When we feel that what we asked for was not granted, there could be several reasons. We could either be asking for what we are not yet prepared for; may not be in the Divine Will; we may not have the patience; or we may be lacking in faith. When we do an Ardas before Guru Granth Sahib Ji, we need to be humble and ask like one would ask from a loving father – for that is what He is – our Father. The Great Giver grants His Gifts, while we continue asking. We may tire of asking, but Waheguru never tires of giving. Read the rest of this entry »

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