The Jouney of Life

The purpose of life is the mystery of human existence. Since the beginning of civilization, man has been in search of answers of what life is all about and what there is beyond this one. In this search, man was blessed with religion, for there is simply no denying that there is a Creator out there who is in control of our existence. Uncertain life and an unknown deep beyond created a longing in man to seek solace of the Creator God.

Life has gone through uncountable eons, in which we are now a part of. Life before us has past and the one we are in is passing. This is the rule of life – what is created is mortal. We are one of those created elements which have been blessed with the understanding that there is God out there with Whom we are separated from.

 Guru Nanak Dev Ji says that 'Nanak dukhia sab sansar' – that the whole world is encompassed by suffering and pain. No one wishes for suffering and according to Sikhi, this suffering is a tool of God to bring us closer to Him so that we can refine our soul and give meaning to our existence so that once it is over, we can be one with Him.

In this blog, I share my journey with my fellow travelers with whom I share the same Divine Path. Gurbani says, 'Gusikh meet chalo gur chali, jo Gur kahay, soi bhal manno, Har Har katha niraali.' Come, O friends, let us contemplate on our Husband Lord so that our life here is lived according to the teachings of our revered Gurus and forever seek the refuge and guidace of their teachings in our current living Guru, jaagdi jot – Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj.


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