Everything comes from Naam


It is natural when we approach Guru Granth Sahib Ji, take a bow and desire to place an Ardas before The True Guru for something or the other. And the Benovelent One bestows all that anyone asks for. From personal experiences, I can assure you that the Guru does answer our prayers and gives us that what we ask for. What one requires is to have faith that the prayer will be answered. When we feel that what we asked for was not granted, there could be several reasons. We could either be asking for what we are not yet prepared for; may not be in the Divine Will; we may not have the patience; or we may be lacking in faith. When we do an Ardas before Guru Granth Sahib Ji, we need to be humble and ask like one would ask from a loving father – for that is what He is – our Father. The Great Giver grants His Gifts, while we continue asking. We may tire of asking, but Waheguru never tires of giving.

Now the question arises as to what to ask. There are so many desires, so many endless wants and needs that we never seem to tire to ask. When I received all that I prayed for and realised all that I have also been blessed with gifts without my asking, I was left asking myself, ‘What next to ask Him?’ It had become a habit to ask, just like a beggar who knows only how to beg. One fine day, I approached the Darbar Sahib and I pondered over what I could ask for. As I walked down the Darbar, nothing popped up. I was standing there before Guru Ji, with folded hands and a revered bow and completely empty of want, not knowing what to ask for. I stood there and waited for something to come up . . . then the most amazing thing happened . . .

An inner voice said, ‘Listen to what is being recited from Guru Granth Sahib Ji and the shabad that comes is your Ardas.’ I stood there and silenced all other wants and needs and listened. All I heard was ‘bless me with Naam’. The Guru made the Ardas for His Sikh. I finally bowed down and found my little spot to sit in the Guru-roop Sadh Sangat.

I was dumbstruck. What a beautiful thing to ask for – Naam. Wow. All other desires turned fickle before the gift of Naam. Now the true journey begun – to discover and understand what exactly Naam is. Having found what I really needed, I felt that it is the only thing worth asking. Nothing else mattered as much. And if a Sikh was to receive the gift of Naam, he certainly had everything, for no other gift was as blissful.

Everything comes from the Naam, the Name of the Lord; without the True Guru, the Naam is not experienced. – Guru Amar Das Ji, SGGS 753

The True Guru released me from the trap of Maya, by detaching me from material desires and attaching me to the thirst for Naam. Having realised that it is Naam that a Sikh needs, Guru Amar Das Ji goes on to explain where it is to be obtained – from the True Guru. Who is the True Guru then? That will be a topic of its own discussion in a separate post. Guru Amar Das Ji continues to add:

He meditates on the Naam, the Name of the Lord, and so pleases the True Guru. He receives whatever rewards he desires. O Nanak, one who eradicates self-conceit from within, has everything.

By meditating on Naam, one obtains all that one desires. By thirsting from the Name of the Lord, the Sikh’s other desires becomes immaterial and he ceases to gloat for material gifts. Contentment settles within the Sikh, and whatever he receives, he accepts, whether it is sorrow or joy. Only Naam matters to him now. By being content with what he has, the Sikh is at peace and now feels that he has everything. When you don’t need anything, you have everything.

So when you ask from the Guru, believe in Him that He will grant your wish. Don’t hesitate to sometimes ‘pester’ him because afterall, He is our Closest Friend and He doesn’t mind. I have done that and still do. Most of the times, I beg for His Mercy and Grace and asking for that brings a certain inner calm. You may feel that He does not listen. But He does, He sure does. He is only watching us from a distance and yet is right up close to us.

In conclusion, I’m usually encouraged, and sometime scared with an extremely thought-provoking fact: ‘Be careful what you ask for. You just might get it!’ So true. So many times, we ask for certain things we may not be ready for. The condition for asking for something is that we must then be prepared to work hard to maintain it when we get it. It’s like desiring to buy a car. So you save up and buy one. What next then? You need to fuel it, clean it and service it regularly to ensure it remains in good condition. So is the case when we ask for anything – we need to be prepared to take care of the gift. When Naam is blessed to a Sikh, he must then work hard to maintain and continue adding to the Divine Grace. It’s not easy to maintain the Gift of Naam. Many Sikhs have known to gamble it away. It’s so easy to lose it, but it is the only Gift worth having. Everything else will turn to dust in the blink of an eye.



  1. Taranjeev said,

    May 30, 2006 at 6:13 am


    one word Paaji, “WAHEGURU” Thank you for broadening this moorakh’s mind..
    “Jis ke sir upar tu swami,
    So dukkh kaisa pawe…”


  2. Puneet Kaur said,

    May 31, 2006 at 6:41 am

    Gurfateh ji

    “It’s so easy to lose it, but it is the only Gift worth having. Everything else will turn to dust in the blink of an eye. ”

    beautiful ji. we need to awaken to this TRUTH!

    Guru rakha

  3. Taranjeev said,

    June 3, 2006 at 10:01 am

    “Naam bina Nahi Jeevya Jae” SGGS

  4. Harkirat said,

    June 3, 2006 at 10:03 am

    Fateh Ji…

    Dhan guru Naanak….you are Vaheguru ji’s blessing for all of us…Thank you for this gian saagar…

    Chardi Kalla Alwez

  5. Madhu said,

    January 30, 2007 at 10:48 am

    Thanks so much for this – it is very beautiful,and i hope i can live upto the learnings i have taken from the writings above.


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