Khalsas of Gurudwara Sant Bhawan, Panipat


Submitted by Puneet Kaur

I would like to share with you my experience of being in the company of Gursikhs or Guru ji’s Khalsas. There is a sacred Asthan, a Gurudwara in Panipat district of India, where Wade Sant ji did ‘Tapp’ for 40 years . . . every Khalsa there is living, as you said, in Guru ji’s Hukam. And it’s beautiful to see them blessed with such chardikala life.

One will never find anybody sitting idle there. Either all Khalsas are doing Simran, Paath or Seva . . . and most importantly with such humilty and love for Guru Maharaj that you feel blessed in their presence.

When you go there, one is blessed with NAAM DI DAAT as one is sitting in Sadh Sangat that is continuously doing Sewa and Simran . . . one is naturally united in doing the same. There is so much bakshish and noor on the faces of the Bibiyaa and Khalsas there, that one can’t stare at them.

There are Diwans held there few times a year, each year and sangat from everywhere makes it a point to be there and learn. Presently Babaji and Bibiji reside there and they are ever ready to listen to the sangat’s concerns. Don’t get me wrong here. The sangat is requested not to matha tek Baba ji or Bibi ji; only before Guru Granth Sahib Ji for HE is our Guru.

There is so much more about this Asthan but I am too small to say anthying and afraid, lest i make any mistake. I really wish Sikhs from all over the world make it to this Gurudwara once at least and receive the happiness and blessings I have received and perhaps much more . . .


1 Comment

  1. Baljivan Singh said,

    June 1, 2006 at 10:04 am

    Very beautiful and inspiring and the one about Naam!

    Keep up the good work paji

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