Room of Light – Part I

Each soul, in this vast creation of the Lord Waheguru, comes to this world as a thirsty traveller. The thirst is so intrinsic that it often takes a lifetime to realise it before it can be quenched. No one is free from that thirst, no matter what one’s beliefs or personal convictions. Sometime during our life on this earth, the presence of that thirst must be acknowledged. The trees thirst for rain, animals for food and man for Light – the Truth of their existence and of their Maker – that will free them from the bondage of an illusionary, probationary existence on this earth, and unite them once and for all with the Source of their existence.

We are all in search of something. Not one person in the entire world is free from need, want and desire. All are entrapped. Those that do not see this true nature of the world that is full of suffering, pain and broken dreams, get consumed by it. The awakened see the trap and change their path of life, and instead reset their course to another destination – the Room of Light.

That Room of Light is within the reach of every human soul, but many are alien to it. It is that place where peace dwells and it radiates the warmth of God. Since the beginning of man’s existence, the latter has been in search of peace which continually eludes him and centuries have past without it coming into her grasp. The reason why peace has eluded man is because he has been searching for it in all the wrong places, and in the wrong ways. Only one place does he rarely look and that is where it lies . . .

Man’s nature is godly, but he must recover it, having lost it over the past lives he has lived. Your existence in this world means something – it means that you have been on earth before this, and perhaps hundreds of thousands of times before. You have seen everything but realised little or nothing. Without realising the main purpose of your existence and working towards it, this coming and going will never cease. Gurbani is clear evidence to that fact. The Wisdom of the Gurus is indeed the message of God from whom it arose for the purpose of leading our souls back to its final resting place – the innermost place within God. Man is an errant creature, but he is the only creation to possess the potential and ability to correct his being. Once he realises who he is and who God is and what contract has been signed between the two, he will begin to make way towards the Path of Light and tear himself away from the deep dens of darkness. We are all dwellers in these dark pits and the only way to come out of them, if we really want to, is through the Grace of the True Guru, whose very mission it was – and still is – to retrieve those souls that have awoken to the Truth and have quietened their mind’s desires, wishes, dreams, aspirations and goals and churned them down into one – to merge with God.

The least likeliest of places that one ever looks into in search of peace is none else than within the soul. The soul is the Room of Light, the home of a speck of God. This speck of light is so brilliant, warm and powerful that it has the potential of lighting up the entire world. Combine all those little specks of Light of each human soul that ever existed, exist today and will exist for many more ages to come, even then one cannot imagine just how vast the Source of that Light is. But in this world, man does not need any more Light than that which already has been placed within him. That speck of Light within you burns from the moment of conception to the end of your life. The voice of conscience that you acknowledge is that speck of Light that is burning within, but it will only burn brighter and stronger when we allow its Master to do so. A flickering candle cannot light up an entire room, but when a protective casing of glass is placed around it, it burns in peace and radiates all the power that it has been made to project. In the same way, the human soul’s godly nature cannot be fully realised if the teachings of the Word does not become its protective encasing. If that protection is not sought, the slightest ill wind will overpower it. For now, all you need to understand is that the Light is within you, and that it’s potential to radiate brighter is also within your reach. If the soul desires to dispel that darkness that surrounds it, the body must assist it and the mind must co-operate, because the mind and the body are mortal but the soul is not. It must move on and it must be supported and a supreme sacrifice made for it by both the mind and the body.

The mind is the cause of the soul’s grief and the body gives the mind that energy to do what it wants. But the body is not the prisoner of the mind, it is the other way around. It is the mind that needs to be controlled and only the human body can help do that.


1 Comment

  1. Harkirat Kaur said,

    June 17, 2006 at 10:15 am


    The article reminds of what Baba Hardev Singh Ji had said during His divans on Bahra Mah:

    ‘We don’t know after how long we have met’

    Speaking of which looking forward to see the vaikhya on the blog.

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