Journey of the privileged soul


By Bhai Sahib Bhai Harbhajan Singh Ji Khalsa

You must understand. The privileged soul has certain privileges. When the journey begins, the soul leaves in the subtle body. The first privilege of the soul is to say good-bye to all friends and foes equally. I’m talking of the privileged soul. Then the soul travels to all places of reverence – those places which were sacred to it. That’s called “the last journey.” You might have read about this but you never understood it. I am making you understand it now. So the soul visits every place of reverence.

The third privilege is to visit all the places of the altar. That means the Guru’s places. A privileged soul has very exalted manners and a responsibility to say a graceful good-bye before going home. That is why it became customary that when a person leaves, the relatives do kirtan, they do lofty bandagee, praising the Lord for all these days. Some do it for seventeen days, some do it for three days, some do it for four days. You know, the modern world doesn’t want to do anything. But the soul is very ultra-modern. It does its job.

After visiting all the altars, the soul has the privilege to travel in the company of the angelic world. The privileged soul does not go through the normal path of the human. It doesn’t pass through the test and triumph and trials.

After finishing its duties on the earth it travels to the angelic world. In the angelic world it entertains itself into the entire brightness, lightness, humor and glow, and practices forgiveness for the whole universe through which it has travelled many lifetimes.

You must understand – the soul which is a privileged soul has to enter the akal abode, the Infinity. The angelic world is defined. It is all good and masterly wonderful and excellently wonderful, but still it is defined.

After enjoying the privilege of the angelic world, the soul travels into the third blue ether. That is its own great abode of prayer. In its purity, in its piety, it settles its own account. Thereafter it crosses to the fourth blue ether. Chauthe par, the fourth step, is to find infinite salvation.

Therefore, if you join at this time in this journey, it will guarantee your journey in the future.


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